Manhood. Brotherhood. Unity.

Are you a Dude or a Dad with little dudes, and looking for a community that you can belong to that will provide a sense of community, manhood, camaraderie, unity, AND will also help you grow as a man and in your faith? Did I mention that bacon is a necessity at these morning gatherings, Lol? This is also something you can do with your little dude & other dudes, that is also beneficial, and gives them access to a great support system of Christian Dudes & Dads, and exposes them to what real Christian Manhood looks like and how guys do life together, support one another, grow together in community and faith, and also learn how to be kids at heart again with bro time, bacon and sports! Lol. If so, then you've found the right place!

Dudes & Dad's usually meets one Saturday morning a month, sometimes its in the morning, and other times it's an evening event, but no matter what we do, our activities always include three things - DUDES. DADS. JESUS. Some mornings we gather together in a pole barn, cook breakfast on the grill, play games, and grow together in our faith with an encouraging, yet empowering message we can use to build relationships with one another and especially with Christ. Any Dude or Dad is welcome, just show up!

 Saturday,  March 11th

Bring a dude, a dad or a little dude and join us for breakfast, a testosterone driven message and a time to hangout with other dudes and have a great time! You don't want to miss this!

Date & Time 

Saturday, March 11th from 6 am - 8 am


Pause RV Plant (Old Superior Sample Location)
520 S. Gerber St. • Ligonier, IN 46767