"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."

- Proverbs 27:17

Register for IRON MEN of Noble County Bro Nights

Are you looking for brotherhood, community, manhood, camaraderie, unity, AND something that will also help you grow as a man and in your faith? Iron Men has some upcoming "Bro Nights" scheduled around Noble County and beyond. Bro Nights" will be randomly scheduled nights where we can meet as a group of guys to have dinner  together, talk, get to know one another and share our faith...where are you winning in life? Where are you losing in life? It's a great way to show support as a group of Iron Men in community together. During our first bro night, we got together, and had wings in Columbia City and enjoyed a great night out. PLUS, this is also something you can do with your  sons and & grandsons, and will give you a great support system of Christian men that serve one another and display what real Christian Manhood looks like and how guys do life together, support one another, grow together in community and faith! If you want to sign-up to find out about the next "Iron Men Bro Night", just fill out the info form below and hit submit.